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“Its wonderful health products, especially the immune boosters and so great!…”

Joseph, Kenya

“Network marketing is the only business that can produce millionaires !!”

Vigilance , South Africa

Featured Product: NMN

NMN is best suited for middle-aged individuals and people that are older because your NAD+ levels decline over time.

NMN is actually a very old molecule that was discovered in the 1960s. It was only about a decade ago however that scientists found that NMN could be absorbed into your body and that it could restore your natural NAD+ levels.

As you get older your body produces less and less of a molecule called NAD+. Low levels of NAD+ predisposes a person to age and age-related diseases like cancer ,diabetes and heart disease. NMN restores your natural NAD+ levels to prevent aging and age-related diseases.

Make Money Online With BF SUMA

BF SUMA manufactures several amazing products and distributes these products through hardworking and innovative distributors through a Multi-Level Marketing system (MLM), but provides for more flexibility and profitability, unlike MLM strategies employed by other companies. BF SUMA’s MLM system is implemented to consider everyone in such a way that even children can enjoy the benefits and bonuses given by BF SUMA

This business offers an opportunity to people of different race, ethnicity or gender to enrich and add more value to their life. It is an amazing and highly rewarding business opportunity which offers an alternative source of income, a plan B, to contribute to your current income source. This will minimize all risks that come with having a single income source.

BF SUMA pays individuals weekly for switching to and using their products, and advertising and selling their products. There are four major categories in which you can participate and earn from this business:

First Category: this category is for people who do not want to sell or refer, but want to earn by using BF SUMA products. Here you simply switch from your normal brand of products which doesn’t pay you, and begin to use BF SUMA products which are organic and will bring you money. You only need to start using the products such as the creams, soaps, deodorants etc. to accumulate point values (PVs) which will qualify you for incentives such including a car, a house, an international trip, and even a scholarship!

Second Category: this category is for people who dislike referrals and are only interested in selling BF SUMA products. Here you earn weekly bonuses, plus direct profits per sale because goods are sold at a distributor’s price to registered members. They can also accumulate PVs which will further qualify them for incentives and bonuses.

Third Category: this is the third category of earners. Members here are those interested in earning weekly from BF SUMA. BF SUMA requires that they introduce at least 3 new people as distributors weekly to the business. These people earn from 8-12% weekly of all activities done under them.

Fourth Category: These are people who are interested in all categories. They want to sell, refer, and purchase BF SUMA products for personal use. They enjoy the benefits all round.

BF SUMA creates a suitable platform for individuals joining as distributors, and are bound to succeed through commitment and persistence. BF SUMA also integrates an advanced and modern compensation plan which improves on the weaknesses, drawbacks, and pitfalls of the regular network marketing systems, pushing you straight to financial success. The deal here is gaining financial freedom through this wonderful opportunity offered by BF SUMA for all interested individuals. Wait no more, join BF SUMA today!