There isn’t enough research that confirms the safety or lack thereof of Bf Suma Products. This is why it is advisable that you always seek guidance from your healthcare provider  before using any one of our wide range of products.

That said, let us break down and have a look at the main ingredient of a lot of the bf suma products that you have or will likely bump into; Suma.

Suma is also commonly referred to as Brazilian ginseng. Its botanical name is Hebanthe eriantha and it falls in the category of plants in what is known as the Amaranthaceae family. 

The suma plant has for decades been used in making medicine. 

Historically, It was actually used by many indigenous tribes in the Amazon forest to cure and to treat many diseases. The variety of conditions that were treated included anxiety, ulcers, heart diseases, It was also used to boost anxiety and  energy. 

Fast forward to civilization, suma is still used as a tribal folk medicine for treatment of various conditions in countries such as Equador where it is considered a ground vine with a complex root system. Like in the tribes of the amazon, the suma root has been praised for its ability to help in the maintenance of good blood sugars, cholesterol, and lower blood sugars. 


1.Tumor Control.

A Lot of studies have been carried out during the last couple of years in regard to the suma root.

One noteworthy one was one that was carried out in 2006 that examined keenly the effects of suma supplementation on tumor control. This study was carried out on two hundred mice. The results of the study actually depicted a reduction in fluid accumulation while increasing the cell’s ability to engulf tumor cells.

2.Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Inflammatory bowel disease is a condition that causes an inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. It is caused by several factors which include environmental factors, genetics, immune system , diet and stress. 

A study on this condition that was also carried out on mice was carried out in 2015. Suma has been known to relieve stress and this study showed that suma reduced the proinflammatory cytokines that are usually involved in the inflammation process.

The study concluded that suma was linked in the reduction of oxidative stress due to its immunomodulatory activity. 

3. Hormonal Conditions

Another study that was carried out was in the effects and safety of the administration of suma on the progesterone and estrogen levels of female and male mice.

The studies did reveal that there was an increase in the blood levels of the hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in the mice that drank water enriched with the suma root.

During the study, there were no reported side effects on the female and male mice that were fed the bf suma infused water. 


  1. The suma root is said to be an adaptogen. An adaptogen is a non toxic plant that is said to help the body resist stressors of any kind. These stressors could be physical, chemical or biological.

        The stressors that could be harmful to the body include environmental pollution, climate    change, radiation and infectious diseases. 

        The adaptogens that are contained in the suma root are said to give your body the energy to deal with these stressors without affecting any of its normal functions.

  1. From recent studies and animal research, the pfaffic acid and saponin acid from the suma root actually may aid in the killing of cancer cells. 

Like ensuring that your body deals with the stressors that will usually lead to inflammatory diseases, the adaptogenic properties in the suma root also help in the activation of immune cells in the body. 

This in turn may actually prevent the growth of cancerous cells and will usually promote their eradication from the body.

        Some studies have even pointed out that the adaptogens actually complement the drugs used in the treatment of cancer. They work in enhancing the cancer killing effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, while like we said before reducing the common cancer side effects like fatigue.   These studies are however not conclusive and have merely been carried out on mice.

  1. For centuries the suma root has been used as an aphrodisiac. There has however been little to no science backing this up.

     The study that was carried out on rats suggested that the roots increased sexual activity and ejaculation. The study also noted that there were increased levels of hormones linked to fertility, an increase in sperm production and erectile function.


  1. It may benefit people with sickle cell disease, based on a test tube research that suggests that  the suma root improves the shape of the red blood cells that are commonly not found in people with sickle cell.
  2. The root also repairs gut damage and controls the inflammation of the colon.


Seeing that there has not been conclusive research that has been done especially on human beings on the various potential benefits of the suma roots,  there is a little skepticism on the overall complete safety for all for the bf suma products that have been manufactured during the last couple of years.

With this in mind, it has been highly recommended that you always ask a health care provider to give you a go ahead as you begin to use any bf suma products. 

Children, women who are pregnant or lactating ,others are advised to especially not use bf suma products unless under very close supervision and guidance from their health care providers. 


The suma root has been used to manufacture the wide range of bf suma products that you and I have interacted with. 

The suma root has been used for centuries and is claimed to offer various health benefits that we have discussed at length.

That said like many other supplements it’s important to get a doctor’s opinion before embarking fully on using the bf suma products.

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