21 BF Suma Products and their Functions



It contains 95% OPC that effectively reduces anti-aging and anti-oxidation. It contains active ingredient of Grape of seed extract. 

The benefits of BF Suma Ferminergy products are;

  1. Recommended for hormonal imbalance.
  2. Relieves fatigue, allergies and menopausal symptoms.
  3. Delays aging and maintain youthful look.
  4. Reclaims wrinkles, skin laxity and melasma.
  5. It is good for people who have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  6. It prevents cataracts and has anti-inflammatory effects.

The prescription for this product is 60capsules with a dosage of 1 times 2 two hours after food.

Bf Suma

2. NMN 

The NMN products contains the NAD+ activates enzymes that promotes healthy aging. NMN increases the levels of NAD+ in the body which in turn promotes the following;

  1. It boosts energy metabolism.
  2. It is an ANTI aging DNA repair.
  3. It is a sirtuin activator.
  4. It promotes brain and heart health.
  5. NAD+ also assists in recovery fro addictiob by reducing or eliminating cravings and wiothdrawal symptoms that may cause people to relapse.

It is 4500mg high content and 98% pure with 30 capsules per bottle.

Bf Suma



They contain cortex phellode-ndric creosote, and glcyrrhizza as  active ingredients. The benefits of these pills include;

  1. It relieves stomach pain.
  2. It effectively reduces acute diarrhea diseases.
  3. It reduces gastrointestinal dysfunction symphony, such as difficult abdominal distention.
  4. It is good for peptic duodenal and gastric ulcers.
  5. It is good for food poisoning.
  6. It inhibits intestinal hyperactivity to control diarrhea.

The packaging us 50 capsules per bottle.

Bf Suma


The active ingredients for this product include gymnema, kidney bean, chitosan and citrus , Natural essence dietary supplements. It is good for,

  1. Patients with diabetes.
  2. It reduces the absorption of fats and sugar and helps to accelerate the burning of fat.
  3. It blocks the decomposition of starch, reduces synthesis from starch to fat.
  4. It prevents fat storage and aids in weight management.
  5. It cleanses blood by synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol.

The packaging for this product is 90 pills per bottle taken 3 times fifteen minutes before meals.

Bf Suma

5. PRO-BIO 3.

The active ingredient for Probio3 is gut flora & probiotic. Probio3 is the best product if you want to.

  1. Boost your vitamin K, Bb, b12.
  2. If you want to modulate the pancreas for efficiency.
  3. If you want to promote your digestive system.
  4. It combats antibiotics resistance.
  5. It contains good bacteria therefore will strengthen patients with stomach and colon cancer.
  6. It also promotes a healthy vaginal and urinary system.

The viable count of the probiotics in 1 probio 3 is 20billion, equivalent to 80cups of 250ml yoghurt.

Bf Suma


The Consti-Relax solution is made up of Astragali, Probiotic and Fos. It is made to;

  1. Regulate the function of microcirculation.
  2. Promote proper digestion.
  3. Alleviate the acute hemorrhoids symptoms like swelling and bleeding.
  4. Reduce pain symptoms of haemorrhoids symptoms.
  5. Naturally eases constipation.
  6. It contains probiotics that aid in gut regulation.
  7. Alleviate the acute hemorrhoids symptoms.

It is to be taken 1 times 2 daily before meals.

Bf Suma


The veggie veggie is made of bioenzymes from vegetables and fruits. It is a great all natural detox used to;

  1. Effectively assist digestive function and eliminate toxins.
  2. Facilitate intestinal mobility and lower cholesterol level.
  3. Boost metabolism for weight management.
  4. It is rich in French Nutriose fiber for intestinal balance.
  5. It contains six kinds for probiotics for your gut health.

It contains 15 sachets in its package to be taken 1 times 2 daily before food.

Bf Suma


Created from citrus extract dericates, the Novel defile capsules is good for your digestive health because;

  1. It assists in weight loss due to its detoxifying properties.
  2. It contributes to the formation of collagen, fibrous tissue necessary for healing thus is great for skin condition.
  3. It is a natural anti-inflammatory.
  4. It improves sleep quality and memory.
  5. It is an excellent blood alkalizer in spite of its acid taste.
  6. It is great in the prevention of kidney diseases.


9. Pure & Broken Ganoderma Spores.

The pure and broken Ganoderma spores is made from broken Ganoderma s the main active ingredient. The benefits of this are;

  1. Boosted immunitry.
  2. Improved skin condition.
  3. Improved blood circulation in the coronary artery.
  4. It raises CD4 counts in the blood thus is very good for HIV patients.
  5. Good for anti-immune diseases eg psoriasis.
  6. It enhances metabolism and fights insomnia.
  7. It raises appetite.
  8. Reduces side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

10. Yunzhi Essence Capsules

With 60 pills in the packaginga to be taken twice a day before meals, Yunzhi essence, is created using Yunzhi essence as its main ingredient and is used to;

  1. Enhance immunity system,
  2. Improve energy and vitality.
  3. Enhance appetite and reduce illness.
  4. Increase the white blood cell and lymphocytes raising vlood count.
  5. It reduces chemotherapy side effects.
  6. Due to an ingredient called polysaccharide it enhances normal cell growth.
  7. It is great fit rheumatism, anti aging and in strengthening blood vessels.

11. 4 in 1 Reishi Coffee with Mushroom & Ganoderma extract.

The active ingredients that form the 4 in 1 Reishi Coffee with mushroom and Ganoderma extract are  Raw sugarcane, coffee powder, Adenosme & Triterpenoids. 

It promotes;

  1. Self healing.
  2. Refreshes the brain and energizes the body.
  3. Prevents allergy due to lanostan that blocks histamine.
  4. It prevents virus infection and is great for influenza and HIV.
  5. It prevents the formation of blood clots.
  6. It is great for hormonal imbalance.
  7. It improves sinusitis.
  8. It strengthens the digestive system.
  9. Strengthens the heart muscles.
  10. It also promotes quality sleep.

Prescription is 1 times 2. With a packaging of 20sachets.

Bf Suma

12. 4 IN 1 Ginseng Coffee.

It is also made up of raw sugar, coffee, vitamins B1,B2,B12,C,Iron, Mineral and Folic acid.

It benefits include;

  1. Enhanced energy levels and mental alertness.
  2. Regulated blood pressure.
  3. Reduced diabetes potential.
  4. Reduced cramps.
  5. It boosts nerve cells and helps with dementia.

13. 4 IN 1 Cordy-ceps Coffee.

The benefits of the Cordy-ceps coffee is the;

  1. Boost in immune system against viral infection.
  2. Stimulatrion in vlood circulation.
  3. Reduction in inflammation.
  4. Reduced acidity levels for ulcer patients.
  5. Boost in CD counts.
  6. Strengthening of body immunity and cancer combation.
  7. It is also a natural antibiotic and is highly recommended for ARDS.


14. Prostat relax Capsules

This product is recommended for every man with 40 years and above whose  main ingredient is the polysaccharide that is great for men and helps in the prevention of;

  1. Prostate enlargement.
  2. It enhances sexual performance.
  3. It prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT.
  4. It blocks some effect of testosterone thus reduce hair loss in men.
  5. It is great for impotence and sexual dysfunction.

15. X-Power Man;

For every man that would like to naturally boost testosterone levels, this is the product that you need to get! Its main ingredient is the black ginger extract, Tannine, Freshmaca, pro staep & L-Argenine.

Its benefits also include;

  1. Relieving stress and mild depression.
  2. It is an aphrodisiac and improves sexual desires.
  3. It fights memory loss. Alzeimer’s and senile dementia.
  4. Anti-hypotensive.
  5. It also enhanves kidneys, lungs and heart functions.

16. X-Power Man Coffee

Like the X-Power man, the benefits of the x-power man coffee include,

  1. Improved sexual performance.
  2. Promoted erection.
  3. Boosted sperm count and motility.
  4. It sustains erections by allowing blood flow to the penis tissue.
  5. It also has epimedium as one of the ingredients that protects prostate functions.
  6. It stimulates the muscles to relax and boost blood circulation.


17. Arthro-Xtra Tablets

The Athro-xtra tablets are made out of Glucosamine and Chondr-oitin that is great for;

  1. Making and repair of joint cartilage.
  2. It reduces pain symptoms of osteoarthritis and further detoriation.
  3. It also improves the ability of joint movement.
  4. It keeps joint lubricate and normalized joint metabolism.
  5. It relieves low back pains.
  6. It prevents age related arthritis and alleviates symptoms such as swelling stiffness and numbness.

18. Gluzo- Joint F Capsules

It is also created using glucosamine as the main ingredient.

It helps in 

  1. The reduction of pain symptoms of osteoarthritis.
  2. It supports the natural ability to regenerate cartilage.
  3. It helps to rebuild cartilage and lubricate joints.
  4. It alleviates the joint discomfort.
  5. It nourishes joints in athletes and active people.


The products that are great for your child’s health are;


It contains a combination of vitamins and minerals that are specially tailored for growing children for example iron, calcium , zinc, Vitamin A,B,C,D,E.

  1. It promotes a healthy appetite for children who are poor feeders.
  2. It bridges the nutritional gaps that are left by picky eating and food allergies.
  3. It boosts immunity and prevents infections in school going children.
  4. It is best for children with terminal conditions such as, cancer , Hiv and dyslexia.


This is a natural and pure source of Omega 3. It is extracted from pollution free coldwater fish.

  1. It supports heart health and lowers cholesterol.
  2. It powers brain function upto 60%.
  3. It reduces chronic inflammation.
  4. It helps prevent symptoms of mental decline and memory loss.
  5. It also prevents asthmatic symptoms and allergies.


It is created using Full cream Milk & Calcium Carbonate, that is used in ensuring;

  1. Increased resistance and immunity.
  2. It relieves malnutrition symptoms like growth retardation for juvenile , sweating and bed wetting.
  3. It strengthens bones , muscles, nerves and cartilage contraction.
  4. It promotes growth of teeth and prevents calcium loss.
  5. It supplements protein.
  6. Suitable for gastric and colon ulcers.
  7. It contains immunogenic properties that can reduce allergic reaction on babies.

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