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There isn’t enough research that confirms the safety or lack thereof of Bf Suma Products. This is why it is advisable that you always seek guidance from your healthcare provider  before using any one of our wide range of products. That said, let us break down and have a look at the main ingredient of a lot of the bf… Read More »ARE BF SUMA PRODUCTS SAFE

Does nmn make you look younger 2

Does nmn make you look younger?

Yes, NMN does make you look younger. The BF Suma NMN stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide. This nicotinamide mononucleotide is a direct antecedent of the molecule NAD+ which stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide which is an important enzyme when it comes to metabolism.  NMN Benefits This NAD+ is usually found in all living cells. It is actually the most abundant molecule… Read More »Does nmn make you look younger?

21 BF Suma Products and their Functions

ANTI-AGING PRODUCTS 1. FERMINERGY It contains 95% OPC that effectively reduces anti-aging and anti-oxidation. It contains active ingredient of Grape of seed extract.  The benefits of BF Suma Ferminergy products are; Recommended for hormonal imbalance. Relieves fatigue, allergies and menopausal symptoms. Delays aging and maintain youthful look. Reclaims wrinkles, skin laxity and melasma. It is good for people who have… Read More »21 BF Suma Products and their Functions

Does BF Suma products work

Does BF Suma products work?

Yes! BF Suma products work. If you are looking to join our large network here is everything that you need to Know about BF Suma and why the products work! BF Suma stands  Bright Future from the Superior, Unique Manufacturer of America. Its  Headquarters are in Los Angeles, USA.  BF Suma is the top pharmaceutical and health products distributor and manufacturer worldwide and continues to sell… Read More »Does BF Suma products work?

How do you use ConstiRelax solution 1

How do you use ConstiRelax solution?

ConstiRelax solution is to be taken one sachet per time twice daily after meals. The dosage for children should be half of what a full adults dosage. The dosage should not be exceeded to prevent extreme side effects of diarrhea, and incessant passing of gas together with bloating of the stomach. The constirelax solution by BfSuma falls under the category… Read More »How do you use ConstiRelax solution?

BF Suma Products For Weight Loss 2

BF Suma Products For Weight Loss

You have probably met one of BF Suma’s members that has encouraged you to try BF Suma’s wide range of weight loss products and you’re wondering if this is yet another weight loss product in the market that has, if not zero result, just a small amount of weight loss. Weight loss can really take a toll on you especially… Read More »BF Suma Products For Weight Loss

BF Suma Compensation Plan 2021

The BF Suma compensation plan pdf Great Earnings Formula Desire to be a super-earner in The BF Suma compensation plan? You’ll require these 3 features: Control, Advancement, and Dedication. The BF Suma compensation plan can pay ambitious reps with above average income. But a fact is that rarely more than 3% of reps get to these above average incomes. The managers are those… Read More »BF Suma Compensation Plan 2021