Does nmn make you look younger?

Does nmn make you look younger 2

Yes, NMN does make you look younger. The BF Suma NMN stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide. This nicotinamide mononucleotide is a direct antecedent of the molecule NAD+ which stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide which is an important enzyme when it comes to metabolism. 

NMN Benefits

This NAD+ is usually found in all living cells. It is actually the most abundant molecule in the body, other than water and without it a living being will die.

  • It is used to repair damaged DNA and is paramount for the generation of cells.
  • It is also used to generate the energy that the body uses.
  • NMN IS said to reduce age-associated weight gain.
  • It is used to increase energy metabolism through the NAD+ molecule which is an enzyme for metabolism.
  • It helps to improve insulin sensitivity in patients with diabetes
  • It enhances great improvement in mitochondrial metabolism and helps to averse age linked changes in gene expression.
  • It helps to promote and prevent cardiovascular diseases because in essence the heart will need a lot of energy for its muscles to work properly in the pumping of blood. This means that lots of NAD+ should be released.
  • It helps in the maintenance of mitochondrial function. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell because it converts the molecules from the food we eat to the energy that our cells will usually use. The NAD+ molecule is important for this to happen and the NMN is a great way to multiply these molecules for this function.
  • Finally and most importantly the supplement will aid in the endurance of your muscle strength. Usually as you grow older the molecule NAD+ that is responsible for enhancing the metabolism of food for it to be used in your body as energy decreases. This means that NAD+ from the NMN will usually help to ensure that the NMN levels are high.

NMN Anti Aging

Over time the NAD enzyme actually gets deficient within your body. This is because the body starts producing less NAD as you continue to get older.

Moreover, as you continue to grow old the body uses more of the NAD in your body due to the damage and the stress that the body experiences. Low levels of NAD are some of the main reasons for causing age related problems.

There are some ways that you can however reverse the decrease in NAD+ within your body. 

Side Effects Of NMN.

There are no proven side effects of nicotinamide  mononucleotide that have been researched by scientists. The studies that have been done on animals  have only revealed great effects on metabolism, brain function, liver, skin, muscle , bone structure , heart health , reproduction and lifespan. There was no show of toxicity and serious side effects or increased mortality rate throughout the 12month intervention period.

The Best Time To Take NMN Supplements

The best time to take the nmn supplement for a young person for example is required to take the nmn supplement about six hours after they wake up in order for them achieve the highest efficiency. Old people on the other hand should take it midday for the greatest effectiveness.

Human Trials On NMN;

Studies have been carried out on animals showing NMN’s advantages and showing a clear release of NAD+ enzymes that boost anti-aging.

Researchers have decided to continuously carry out trials to carry out the efficiency of the molecule NAD+ on humans. The ultimate goal is actually to create elements that will completely reverse aging.

nmn before and after


Exercising is one of the ways that you can increase the level of NAD+ molecules in your body. Working our usually increases the DNA rebuilding proteins in the body. This is how it works.

So working out usually requires more NAD+ enzymes for the production of energy for the ability to work out.

So as the NAD+ enzymes that are required in getting you some energy to work out keep replicating these enzymes also reverse aging within your body due to your DNA getting constantly getting repaired.

The Use of a good sunscreen.

The exposure to too much sun at a time will usually deplete the supply of the NAD+ enzymes that are responsible for the repair of the cells that get damaged.

It is therefore the reason why it is said that the best way to have healthy skin is through the use of sunscreen.

On the flip side your body could actually produce lots of NAD+ enzymes sometimes due to the requirement for your body to produce more energy to cool off.

This will usually happen in instances such as when you are taking a hot shower, or while you are in a heated pool or even when you are out without sunscreen.

Natural Foods

Certain foods actually increase the levels of NAD enzymes within your body. Foods that contain Vitamin B are at the core of what you need in order for you to make up some more NAD enzymes.

This is because vitamin B is rich in nicotinamide acid that’s the coenzyme of NAD+ which is majorly as we have said earlier the DNA cell repair enzyme.

The foods that contain this include fish, avocados and peanuts that need to be included In your daily diet, while reducing the consumption of bread and rice and foods with whole grains and leaning again towards foods with Vitamin B.

Finally the Bf Suma NMN is the supplement that you will need to use together with these other methods to increase the NAD levels in your body. Recharging your aging cells and boosting your metabolism energy. It also prevents heart diseases and are a good bet at reducing the risk for dementia.


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