Is BF Suma a network marketing company?

Is BF Suma a network marketing company

Yes. BF Suma is a network marketing company. Network marketing’s other name is Multi- Level Marketing which is actually quite popular. So, is bf suma a pyramid scheme?

It is the kind of marketing method that involves the distribution of goods using the method that is a sales network. It involves a system of rewarding customers that contribute to the sale of a product or service.

This means that the people contributing to the sale are those that recommend to yet another customer directly from a particular company. The person who then causes another person to buy will usually gets rewarded for this using a bonus system. This works because every person has the opportunity to build an individual consumer distribution structure.

Network marketing is actually one of the lowest risk methods of carrying out a business. It is also one of the fastest growing industries and the easiest method to actually introduce products to the market. It is however unpopular and misunderstood by many due to its connection and relation to pyramid schemes.

Is Bf suma a pyramid scheme?

So you might be thinking, what is the difference then between this and a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme will usually cheat people while having them believe that they will earn in the future.

This means that a person would be asked to pay some money to be part of the company  to say get a certain amount or percentage of a new customer’s admission fee whom he refers. This really is synonymous with multilevel marketing.

Difference btween network marketing and pyramid scheme

The difference however comes in that in a pyramid scheme there is the inability to distribute a product or provide the service that you have subscribed for. This means that the pyramid scheme is a get rich quick card at the initial investment while network marketing is a gradual continuation of sales network.

Working as a network marketer can be a great business venture. You will get to be your own boss you can be able to choose your own hours and you can also set your own goals. You need to however choose the right the company by ensuring you do your research on the product or service that you would be comfortable selling and with a stable internet connection you are good to go.

BF Suma Network Marketing Company

Bf suma is one of the leading multilevel marketing companies. It is a global pharmaceutical company that deals in health products’ manufacturers, distributors and developers. It was initially started in Hong Kong and has managed to distribute products across continents.

It has a number of International Pharmaceutical Certifications with good manufacturing strength and quality control. You can work full time or part time dependent on what you desire. 

While the most popular reason as to why people do not join bf suma as full time network marketers is because of the time it could possibly take to grow your network and  generate good bonuses , with a lot of consistency you could make and generate income solely from being a bf suma network marketer.

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