Novel Defile Capsules



60s Capsules


2 times 1 after meals.

  1. Complement lenkotrienes and prostaglandins involved in allergic reaction.
  2. Treats hemorrhoids-bleeding and swelling.
  3. Excellent blood alkalizer in spite of its acid taste.
  4. Strong anti-oxidants- it neutralizes free radicals thus delay aging.
  5. Assist in weight loss due ti its detoxifying properties.
  6. Good for skin condition-contributes to the formation of collagen, fibrous tissue necessary for wound healing.
  7. Natural anti-inflammatory.
  8. Good for liver and kidney diseases prevention.
  9. Beneficial for synthesis of brain protein and neurotransmitter.
  10. Improve sleep quality and memory
  11. Good for those suffering from anaemia.

Ingredients; Citrus Extract, Citrus extract derivatives.

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