MicrO2 Cycle Tablets.



100sachets/ bottle.


2 times 3 taken before meals.

  1. Helpful for removing blood stasis.
  2. Improve the flow of blood through the small vascular network.
  3. Enhance oxygen and nutrients delivery.
  4. Assist cholesterol and trigly derides normalizations.
  5. prevents heart attack and cardiovascular issues.
  6. Good for hypertension Management.
  7. Improve eye sight.
  8. Improve blood circulation.
  9. Lower whole blood and plasma viscosity.
  10. Prevents senile dementia and Alzheimer’s.

It is however not suitable for pregnant and breast feeding mothers.

Liver and Kidney abnormality, please don’t combine with aspirin also.


Ingredients; Radix salvia miltiorrhiza, Radix pant Notoginseng and Borneolum syntheticum.

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